Friday, November 16, 2007

Pulau Ketam in B/W

Back to the mid-October during Hari Raya, not long after Hooi got his LCA+...

Me and Hooi were planning for a lomo outing, looking at a place which is good to photograph and the same time avoid from the busy traffic. I said "What about Pulau Ketam (Crabs Island), since I've never been there!", then Hooi responded "Great! Me neither!"... And since we are doing this 'lomo outing', we thought, why not invite also other lomographers see if they wanted to join us.

So... on the 13th October 2007,

21 lomo cameras
11 lomographers
1 lomo spirit

step onto the island.

The 10 lomographers plus me taking picture.

The jetty at Port Klang.

Waited on the boat for about 1 hour, but that didn't spoil our mood.

Reaching Pulau Ketam. Seemed like it was going to rain, but luckily...

The sun came right out after we reached, then it was bright and sunny!!

A nice guy guided us with the map.

Scenery of the fishing village.

The scenery.

Father and daughter.

The lomo spirit.

21 lomo cameras!

Astro satellite, one of the best invention.

Cycling is their main transport.

Bicycle and lomographer.

It was hot and tiring but everyone just kept on shooting. Who cares?

Wee Seng, resting under the shade.

The scenery.

While the tide gets higher in the late afternoon.

The "floating houses" during high tide.

An old barber shop, with a nice owner who allowed me take pictures of him and his shop...
This is one of my favorite shot. I think b/w has given this shot a bonus!

The friendly costumer.

The scenery during high tide.

A busy street on the island. Full of restaurants and convenient shops.

By the time we waited for the ferry to go back, I saw a few youngsters having fun jumping into the ocean. I had my camera ready and when he did it again, I immediately pressed the shutter button. This became my favorite shot of the day.

Elikon 535 | Kodak BW400CN


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