Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Wild-Wide-Dream

A friend once asked me, "How did you know about Lomography?"
I said, "Because of Horizon."
And then he asked, "What made you so in love with Lomography?"
I said, "Horizon."

111 days after I first said hello to Lomo, the dream has came true...

I present you, my wild-wide-dream,

The Black Beauty.

Thank you Lomography for this precious gift!

Horizon Perfekt
simply gorgeous.



  1. the last picture really geng!!! i want horizon also... no matter how i still can't achieve your level... Dick teach me more please... how to take those haircut shot? haha.

    p/s: can off the word verification ar?

  2. What lah you, at the end you just wanna mention the hair cut... @@ Just go to a barber shop and bring along your "future LCA" and snap snap snap, like that also need me to teach ah? :P

    Yeah, I like the last pic too, thanks! Quite satisfied even though shot without any professional lighting, it gives the feel of very mysterious yet classy... :)

  3. but i want the hair cut shot got light leak one oh... which can win a lot of things one oh... really hope can use my lca to earn another.. haha...

  4. The light leak was an accident lah... Don't worry lah, you haven't gotten ur LCA already earned so much piggies. Later when you got your LCA sure can win alot!! :)

  5. 我也好想有個猴萊神啊~

  6. Hey, if u still remember me :) nice lomo series!!