Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pulau Ketam with Seagull

I was kind of missed out introducing the Island from the last post, so I thought this time I should at least write a brief introduction about the island - Pulau Ketam.
"Pulau Ketam ( Crab Island ) is well-known as a fishing village, where most the people there work as fishermen. All buildings on the Island are built 3-5 feet from the swampland. During high tide, houses look like "floating on the water". And so, the “floating houses” and the unique lifestyle became the main attraction of visitors to this island. If you visit the island during day when it’s ebb tide, you will see a very beautiful scenery where the beach is full of crab, and that’s how I understood why they named it Crab Island . There are so many heritage buildings on the Island which become great a subjects to shoot..."

Special thanks to Kelvin who had borrowed me one of his Seagull camera during the trip. Given me the chance to experience a TLR camera for the first time and discovered it's unique beauty. I don't blame you Kelvin, for pushing me to burn another roll after I had done the first; instead I'm glad you did that! I enjoyed the result very much, thank you!

Seagull TLR | Agfa Portrait 160 Neg

Seagull TLR | Agfa RSX II 200 Slide

And if you ever wonder what is that 'Seagull TLR camera'...This is it.

Still no idea? Perhaps you should ask your dad or grandpa... :)


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