Monday, November 19, 2007

Coconut House Cafe

A gathering with my ex-colleagues at the Coconut House Cafe located near the Pudu Bas Station. It is such a nice environment, and it's also a place that really give supports to local film makers- Chui Mui's 'Company of Mushrooms' was being shot there. I believed there are few more movies that took place in there...

The 1st time when I went there about a year ago, it was about finding a location to do a screening of my short film. The tauke is such a nice guy and he agreed to let me use the empty space up stair for free, all we need is just order drinks and foods on that day. After that, we sit down and tried some of their food, unfortunately, it was quite a disappointment... I mean, it's not really that bad, but it's just too expensive for the taste...

This time, the foods are better... at least I think they have improved! We had lots of pizzas and talking on that day, great time!

* click for a better size

Horizon Perfekt | Konica SRM 200 Slide



  1. wahaha... i'm so prouud that u set the photo that i took as the main photo. Your camera was really cool!

  2. Ya, I love a lot that picture you took! Thanks yen! So when are you getting one lomo cam?? :P

  3. heee...thx ur nice shoot bring us some memorable memory :) just flipping through ur was nice nice n nice....i love 2 see ur picture really! kambateh!