Friday, November 09, 2007

Family Day

Mum had been suffering from the gall stone for the last couple months, and doctor advised to have the gall bladder removed as soon as possible. Therefore, my dad brought her to the SJMC last week to proceed with the operation. My sister had also visited from Singapore.

It was a great time having all 4 of us together as a family since it has been so long since we last gather along like this. You know, it's just so difficult to find a time where my sister and I travel back home at the same time...

We had a huge lunch in my mum's room on that day. I brought sis to the food court for some takes-away and she just couldn't stop buying. Oh, and she misses the Asam Laksa alot, she finished the soup until the last drop, that's incredible! Too bad my mum was unable to has food yet or else we sure would need a bigger table.

Sis left at the same evening because she has to fly the next day. Mum and dad stayed for another night.

The operation was very success. Mum has been recovering fast and is now released from the pain! :)

The night before operation:

The next morning after operation:

Cousins visited at night:

Horizon w/ Kodak EB3 & Kodak 400 neg
LC-A+ w/ Fuji Superia100



  1. Dear Dick's mum: get well soon!

    your sis is such a poser! can ask her be LOMODEL?

  2. Dick's mum: Thank you jeepy!

    Dick;s sis: Thank you but too bad I'm always busy flying...

  3. She's is alright now, thanks edmund! :)